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Climate action: InfluenceMap - pioneering work on corporate accountability

Climate action: InfluenceMap - pioneering work on corporate accountability
Climate action: InfluenceMap - pioneering work on corporate accountability

In the wake of the Paris Agreement in 2015, InfluenceMap emerged as a leading global non-profit think tank dedicated to tackling climate and sustainability challenges. Headquartered in London, with offices in New York, Tokyo, and Seoul, InfluenceMap has positioned itself at the forefront of climate advocacy, utilizing innovative analytical tools to hold corporations and financial institutions accountable for their environmental impact.

Driving ambitious climate action

InfluenceMap's mission is clear: to drive ambitious action by corporations and governments to address the climate and biodiversity crises. The organization achieves this by producing cutting-edge analysis for use by investors, corporations, policymakers, campaigns, and other influential entities. This data-driven approach ensures that the information provided is not only objective but also instrumental in shaping global climate policies and practices.

Innovative analytical platforms: LobbyMap and FinanceMap

Central to InfluenceMap’s impact are its two renowned platforms, LobbyMap and FinanceMap. LobbyMap, launched on the eve of the Paris Agreement, provides detailed measurements of how corporations and their industry groups influence climate policy. By introducing the concept of the corporate Carbon Policy Footprint, or Scope 4 emissions, LobbyMap has become an essential tool for investors assessing corporate climate performance. It is widely used in initiatives such as Climate Action 100+ and has been cited in over 2,000 media articles globally, influencing numerous NGO campaigns and fostering positive corporate engagement with climate policy.

FinanceMap, on the other hand, extends InfluenceMap’s rigorous analytical approach to the financial sector. This platform examines the climate performance of financial institutions, using powerful tools and databases to assess financial portfolios and the stewardship of companies by investors. FinanceMap’s comprehensive analysis empowers investors to make informed decisions that promote climate-friendly practices in the real economy.

Catalyzing climate action globally

InfluenceMap's impact extends beyond its analytical tools. In 2019, the organization launched the Japan Energy Transition Initiative in collaboration with Carbon Tracker, 2 Degrees Investing, and Japan’s IGES. This initiative aims to accelerate climate action in Japan by providing key stakeholders with the data and insights needed to drive systemic change in the country’s energy landscape.

Philanthropic support and global reach

InfluenceMap’s work is philanthropically funded, ensuring that the organization remains independent and focused on its mission. This funding model has allowed InfluenceMap to maintain its objectivity and credibility, making it a trusted resource for the global media and various stakeholders in the climate arena.

By leveraging rigorous, science-based analysis, InfluenceMap identifies systemic blockages to climate progress and communicates these findings with clarity to its partners. This approach not only highlights areas in need of improvement but also empowers stakeholders to push for positive change. Through its innovative platforms and initiatives, InfluenceMap continues to play a crucial role in facilitating the transition to a more sustainable and resilient global economy.

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