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Company shortens working days, leading to more health & equality

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Company shortens working days, leading to more health & equality

The Versa company in Australia gives all its employees Wednesday off and triples its profits as a result. The tremendous employee satisfaction leads to better productivity.

The result of the Wednesday off introduced since June 2020 in the Australian company Versa, is clear. Since the change, revenue at the digital marketing agency has increased 46 percent and profits have tripled.

"I wanted to prove that even in an industry like this - a service industry known for hiring young people who work very long hours - if you come up with something innovative, it can work," Kath Blackham, CEO and founder of digital marketing agency Versa, told Focus.

On Wednesdays off, employees have time for family, hobbies, sports or leisure, can work on their own projects or simply relax. As a result, there are surprisingly few sick days. In addition, employee satisfaction increased tremendously, Blackham reports. The four-day week also brings other benefits. Mothers, for example, can use the four-day week as a way to balance children and work. And for companies, it means losing fewer highly qualified women. Many other companies are also currently considering the introduction of a four-day week. A good work-life balance as a solution for better health and happier employers, is a system global society should consider also from the productivity kind of way. As the majority of the global inhabitants spends most their time at work, a healthy lifestyle and satisfied workers also means a rising improvement of tons of diseases and the reduction of gender inequalities.

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