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Digital asset for the future: Refugees education

Digital asset for the future: Refugees education
Digital asset for the future: Refugees education

In the past 30 years, Kenya has become a significant destination for refugees, hosting over 500,000 individuals, with 41% residing in the Kakuma refugee camp, as reported by the UN refugee agency (UNHCR). Established in 2010 by Vasco Hamzy, a Congolese refugee, Resilience Action International (SAVIC) plays a crucial role in addressing prevalent challenges such as underage marriage and language barriers within the Kakuma refugee camp.

SAVIC focuses on three core sectors: education, sexual reproductive health, and livelihood. Educational programs include digital and language courses to enhance refugees' English skills, improving their employment prospects. The livelihood sector provides business training, small business loans, and grants, empowering refugees to establish self-sustaining businesses.

Recognizing the digital gap within the camp, SAVIC introduced ICT courses open to refugees of all ages, nationalities, and religions. The program ensures that refugees, including teenage mothers, are not left behind in a rapidly digitizing global landscape.

The impact of SAVIC extends beyond education; it transforms lives. With donor support, the center has produced accomplished alumni thriving in the digital space and establishing entrepreneurial ventures. Successful alumni have returned as teachers, contributing to the sustainability of the initiative.

Vasco envisions expanding the organization's reach beyond Kenya, aiming to provide essential skills to refugees globally. Despite challenges, SAVIC remains steadfast in its commitment to making a positive impact on the global refugee community.

In a world where connections matter, SAVIC's path mirrors the joint endeavors of a global community, where the reach of education, health, and livelihood initiatives knows no borders. This aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 4, ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all.



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