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Emily Penn: a passionate hero fighting for the oceans

Emily Penn: a passionate hero fighting for the oceans

Emily Penn has always been fascinated by the oceans. However, when she was confronted with massive amounts of plastic waste on one of her travels around the world, she realized the urgency of the situation. This encounter led to a turning point in her life, and she decided to actively fight plastic pollution. With a background in architecture, design and environmental sciences, she had the knowledge and passion needed to make a difference.

Few years ago she founded eXXpedition, an organization dedicated to researching and combating plastic pollution in the oceans. Through exclusively female expeditions, eXXpedition collects data on plastic waste, microplastics and their impact on the marine environment and human health. These research journeys also serve to raise awareness and encourage people to become active.

Their organization has brought together hundreds of women from different countries to jointly explore the problems of plastic pollution and find solutions. The data collected will be used to alert policy makers and the general public to the urgency of the problem.

Working hand in hand with governments and influential stakeholders, Emily Penn has been instrumental in driving meaningful transformations at the political and economic levels. Her collaborative efforts have paved the way for policy reforms and impactful initiatives aimed at preserving our planet's delicate ecosystems.

Emily's remarkable contributions, both as a speaker and as an advocate for environmental sustainability, make her an inspiring and influential figure. She embodies the spirit of positive change, inspiring others to join the movement towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Youtube Credits: @DiscoveryChannelSEAsia


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