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Film production company sets a sign for sustainable filming

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Film production company sets a sign for sustainable filming

Mark Downes, a Political Science graduate with a Masters in Cultural Studies and Film Production, founded Green Eyed Monster Films "to communicate the exponential positive impact that small changes have, so that big changes happen faster and farther."

To get to zero by 2050, we need to cut emissions in half by 2030 and again by 2040 in order to reach the 2050 target. This can only be done with a profound transformation in all sectors.One sector that is not usually associated with CO₂ reduction is film production. This is exactly what makes Green Eyed Monster Films so exceptional.

Their offering:

When you combine tupasions with your talents, you have a solid foundation for a successful business. Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)-qualified Green Eyed Monster Films produces content for sustainable and ethical brands and ensures that their productions are carbon neutral.

How do they achieve this? They measure their footprint with Adgreen's carbon calculator and offset the remaining emissions with their partner Trees for Life. They offer not only film production, animation and editing, but also environmental consulting, training, copywriting, events and content strategy.Communicating solutions. Cascading effects for the well-being of all people and the planet occur when we shine a light on innovators, disruptors, technology-for-good affiliates and activists driving the sustainability framework outlined in the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals ).

When asked if he had encountered any problems along the way, Mark replied, "Many. Many agencies thought that, because I had ethical principles as a priority, my work was shoddy or unprofessional, such as not meeting deadlines or not managing budgets. That's exactly what's changing now. Brands and organizations now want low-carbon production to be part of their sustainable narrative. Creativity doesn't have to suffer for being low-carbon. On the contrary, constraints are forcing us to think deeper and be more creative."

Mark sees it the same way when he writes about his success: "I have the great privilege of being able to use my skills and network. I used to make films for brands that cared little about their impact, and now I only work for companies that care about people and the planet. My success is being able to work with and for like-minded people who share my vision of a more just and equitable world."

Positive impacts range from individual actions such as recycling and using public transportation to corporate changes such as using renewable energy sources and optimizing supply chains. Every step counts towards getting to zero by 2050.

It doesn't take much - even a small change a day can make a big difference. This is exactly what the Green Eyes Monster Films success story is all about.


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