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From searching to reality – new trees planted by search engine

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From searching to reality – new trees planted by search engine

Refoorest was created to contribute to the goal of planting 1200 billion trees by 2030 to tackle the environmental crisis and achieve the Sustainable Development Goal. The solution allows everyone to plant trees for free by searching on the internet.

Thomas Devilder and Adrien de Malherbe are two friends since their years in business school, both from the 2005 class of EMLV (Ecole de Management Léonard De Vinci).

Thomas is passionate about travelling, kitesurfing and diving, Adrien is an aficionado of board sports.Both passionate about entrepreneurship, they co-founded refoorest in April 2020 during a period of confinement.

They also lead other projects with an ecological and societal scope such as allcolibri, an impact activation solution for companies that allows them to offer good deeds to their clients or employees such as removing plastic from the oceans, planting trees, offering meals to the homeless...

How does it work?

The principle is simple: you install a Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge extension on your computer.

The user can then see directly from his favorite search engine (Google, Bing and others) which results concern refoorest partners. It should be noted that refoorest has more than 9000 partners including big companies likeFNAC, ASOS, Tripadvisor...

The extension detects the visit to the partner, and plants 1 tree automatically. To make it even more fun, each user has his own tree counter, and can therefore know how many trees he has planted since the beginning. The extension is totally free because it is the partner sites that pay a commission to refoorest for planting trees.

Two concrete positive examples of the company‘s action:

- Climate change is mainly due to excess CO2. One of the most effective solutions to store this excess CO2 in the air, which is largely responsible for global warming, is to plant trees.

- Refoorest has already allowed the planting of more than 100,000 trees thanks to its +20,000 users.The creation of jobs, in fact the planting of trees with refoorest has allowed the creation of +1000 working days in the different areas where the plantations are made.

Today, one of the great Sustainable Development Goals is to reduce CO2 emissions by any means possible.The most important technology that we have today is preservig our forests, recovering green spaces, and planting trees where there haven't been any for the last fifty years.


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