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Global civil society plants more than 1 Mio new trees…with an app

Global Society & Global Goals
Global civil society plants more than 1 Mio new trees…with an app

Ending deforestation by 2030 is the first major pledge at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) climate conference in Glasgow. But political declarations alone will not save the forests, and one country already qualified its pledge.

105 countries pledged at the climate conference in Glasgow to end deforestation by 2030 to curb global warming. In the agreement, signatories pledge to halt and reverse forest destruction while "promoting sustainable development and inclusive transformation of rural areas."

Environmental activists view the pledges skeptically. More needs to be done.

With the support of their users and brand partners, the startup Treeapp, plants one tree per day for every user. As a user you can choose where to plant your tree, check the growing progress and get informed with latest research, articles, photos and many more.

Treeapp planted one million trees so far. The social and environmental impacts of one million trees can be felt globally, from Madagascar, Tanzania, Burundi, Guinea, Mozambique, and Kenya to Indonesia, Nepal, Brazil, Haiti, and Peru.

Many people want a garden or a piece of greenery to feel more connected to nature. Treeapp offers an alternative for all people who live in the city but would like to be more involved with our environment.

Going green is a responsible decision for the environment, but also for your wallet. Savings come from habits such as recycling or building a sustainable home, which allow you to live in an environment that respects the needs of nature.

The main benefit of changing your daily routines for the better is that you can curb the negative impact your actions have on the planet. In case you work in a company, you can also make decisions to reduce the carbon footprint of your business and achieve a good level of corporate sustainability by controlling energy use in the office with colleagues.


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