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Global Tourism Resilience Day

Global Tourism Resilience Day
Global Tourism Resilience Day

On February 17th, the world celebrates Global Tourism Resilience Day, designated by the United Nations General Assembly. This day emphasizes the essential role of resilient tourism in facing and overcoming various global challenges. It highlights the importance of preparing the tourism sector to effectively respond to crises, reflecting the sector's vulnerability to emergencies such as environmental disasters, economic fluctuations, and health crises.

Resilient tourism focuses on the sector's capacity to recover and adapt to adversity, ensuring sustainability and continued growth. This resilience is particularly vital for developing regions, where tourism is a significant source of income, employment, and foreign exchange earnings.

Sustainable tourism practices, including ecotourism, play a key role in building this resilience. These practices promote environmental conservation and the sustainable use of resources, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainable tourism fosters economic growth, alleviates poverty, and supports full and productive employment, while encouraging sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Resilient tourism contributes to various SDGs by enhancing economic empowerment and improving the quality of life for women, youth, indigenous peoples, and local communities. It also promotes the preservation of local culture, supports rural development, and contributes to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources.

Global Tourism Resilience Day calls for action from Member States to develop national strategies for the tourism sector's rehabilitation after disruptions. This involves public-private cooperation and the diversification of tourism activities and products to increase the sector's resilience. By focusing on resilience, the global community can ensure that tourism remains a powerful force for promoting sustainability, inclusivity, and resilience worldwide.


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