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Faith-based peacebuilding

Faith-based peacebuilding
Faith-based peacebuilding

In a world where nearly 84% of the global population identifies with a religious tradition, the International Center for Religion & Diplomacy (ICRD) recognizes the profound influence of religious convictions. These convictions can serve as a powerful catalyst for peace by fostering understanding and empathy among different faith traditions.

ICRD firmly believes that the overwhelming majority of religious adherents and leaders do not subscribe to ideologies of violence and dehumanization. This recognition fuels their commitment to nurturing faith-based peacebuilders worldwide, contributing to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.

The organization takes a comprehensive approach to achieve its goals, employing diverse and purposeful strategies. At its core, ICRD envisions faith as a source of healing, countering the harm inflicted by those who manipulate religion for divisive purposes. ICRD diligently dissects the root causes of identity-based prejudices and develops mechanisms to address them.

ICRD's multifaceted approach includes analyzing trends and trajectories with a focus on innovative and predictive strategies. They conduct qualitative and quantitative community-based research to bridge the gap between observation and action. Unique approaches to impact measurement ensure the effectiveness of their programs and facilitate their fine-tuning for optimal outcomes.

Moreover, ICRD actively engages with policy-making structures at regional and national levels, offering expert advice based on their rich experience. The organization has developed field-tested methodological frameworks, providing practical tools instrumental in peacebuilding efforts.

A significant achievement is ICRD's partnership with the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) since 2018, focusing on the vital role of religious women in negotiating and mediating local settlements. These women, often unsung heroes in their communities, play a pivotal role in conflict resolution.

The partnership involves meticulous research and case studies conducted across diverse regions, creating a specialized program to empower women of faith peacemakers. By delving into the intricacies of what makes a woman's engagement with conflict and extremist actors effective, regardless of her religious background, the program aims to create capacity-building training programs, fortified by peer-to-peer mentorship, contributing to SDG 5: Gender Equality.

ICRD also investigates the roles of religious and traditional actors in official peace processes, further underscoring its commitment to holistic peacebuilding.

With two decades of direct engagement, ICRD has emerged as the preferred partner for governments, civil society, and grassroots organizations. Their work encompasses conducting training sessions, developing local networks, and orchestrating multi-track initiatives aimed at resolving the critical crises afflicting our global community.

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