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Innovation in healing coral reefs

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Innovation in healing coral reefs

There are numerous approaches to protecting coral reefs and assisting in their regeneration. Ways mus be found to help corals survive until climate change can be stopped and the associated warming of the oceans. Coral nurseries are one solution. Another option is to breed temperature-resistant species. But, if the dead reefs no longer provide a suitable structure for settlement, where should the young seedlings go?

This is where another innovative coral protection solution comes in: Artificial reefs comprised of three-dimensional plug-in elements that can be customized to the environment.

Three women from Germany and Switzerland have developed a very unique sustainable method of reef reconstruction, "Heroes of the Sea." Their project "rrreefs" combines cutting-edge technology with one of the world's oldest building materials: clay.

The clay is transformed into Lego-like plug-in elements that can be individually layered on top of each other using a 3D printer. Because of their rough structure and alkali content, these so-called bricks provide an ideal substrate for coral larvae to settle. A variety of other creatures find shelter and protection in hollow spaces and unevenness.

rrreefs is an example of how passion, innovation and imagination can become a working and, above all, sustainable solution in the fight against climate change based on the ideas of global society . The current pilot project in Colombia off the island of San Andrés was financed with the help of crowdfunding and many more reefs are sure to follow.

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