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Leading the charge in shaping a sustainable and just future in Latin America

Leading the charge in shaping a sustainable and just future in Latin America
Leading the charge in shaping a sustainable and just future in Latin America

In the vibrant landscapes of Latin America, a civil society organization named Sustentarse is making waves in the realm of sustainable development. Based in Chile, this organization is at the forefront of advocating for a comprehensive and sustainable transformation of the financial architecture in the region.

Sustentarse is not just an organization; it is a voice that echoes the concerns and needs of the environment and communities. They have been vocal about the high environmental and social risks associated with the development of the green hydrogen industry in Chile. By highlighting these issues, they are fostering a dialogue that aims to bring about equitable reforms and sustainable practices in the industry.

Sustentarse is a part of a global coalition of civil society organizations that have united to urge Public Development Banks (PDBs) to integrate principles of rights, justice, sustainability, transparency, accountability, and dignity in all their projects. This coalition believes in the power of collaboration and synergies with civil society and communities to bring about a positive change in the quality of financing and to shift the power dynamics to include the voices of communities.

The organization is a signatory to a collective declaration that demands bold and decisive actions from PDBs. This declaration is the outcome of a 4-year process where various civil society organizations came together to call on all PDBs to embrace tangible actions that genuinely prioritize and protect people. They advocate for the cancellation of debts of countries that require it and urge the cessation of public financing of fossil fuels.

In a world grappling with multiple crises, Sustentarse is demonstrating that change is possible when communities are involved. They celebrate the recent victory in Ecuador where the people voted to ban oil drilling in the Yasuní National Park, one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, showcasing that the global financial system can indeed be transformed with bold actions and community involvement.

For more information, you can read the full article on IPS News.

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