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Malala Fund: Breaking barriers for girls' education

Malala Fund: Breaking barriers for girls' education
Malala Fund: Breaking barriers for girls' education

The Malala Fund recognizes the stark reality that nearly 120 million girls are currently out of school. To break down the barriers that hold these girls back, the organization takes a strategic approach. Through its Education Champion Network, the organization invests in local educators and advocates who possess an unparalleled understanding of the challenges faced by girls in their communities. These local champions operate in regions where the highest number of girls are deprived of secondary school education.

Advocacy is at the core of the Malala Fund's efforts. It operates at various levels - local, national, and international - to push for the allocation of resources and policy changes necessary to provide every girl with a secondary education. The girls the Malala Fund serves have ambitious goals, and they rightfully expect leaders to support them in achieving their dreams.

The organization firmly believes that girls should have the opportunity to speak for themselves and express their needs to leaders. To facilitate this, the organization amplifies girls' voices and shares their stories through its digital publication and newsletter, known as Assembly. Through this platform, the world can hear the voices of girls who are determined to learn and reach their full potential.

“We need to encourage girls that their voice matters. I think there are hundreds and thousands of Malalas out there.”


The Malala Fund's Girl Programme equips young girls with the tools they need to advocate for education and gender equality within their communities. By supporting youth activists, investing in local organizations, and amplifying the voices of young women, the Malala Fund is actively working towards a world where girls have the agency to overcome the barriers obstructing their dreams.

The initiative is unwavering in its commitment to challenge societal norms and attitudes that influence policies and practices limiting girls' access to education. Through programming and advocacy with local partners, the organization is actively challenging beliefs, behaviors, and legislation that prevent girls from receiving an education on equal terms with boys.

In the coming five years, the Malala Fund is charting an ambitious course. Their plan includes a significant boost in investments for their network of education advocates and an expansion of their presence to reach up to 10 new countries. This strategic growth will be executed gradually, at a pace of one to two countries per year, emphasizing the organization's steadfast dedication to creating concrete, lasting change in specific regions. With an unwavering commitment to removing barriers and empowering every girl to learn and lead, the Malala Fund plays a vital role in advancing the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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