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Natural animal farms bring sustainable education to children

Global Society & Global Goals
Natural animal farms bring sustainable education to children

The children's animal welfare vacations of summer 2022 in the German animal and nature conservation association based in Berlin „aktion tier – Lottihof“ are in full swing! The vacation children spend their time with the animals and in nature.

In addition to many activities on the farm, excursions to the „aktion tier“ animal shelter Roggendorf as well as to Schwerin to the state parliament are on the program. During the summer camp, the children help care for the many farm animals, learn how to treat them with respect and what animals need to be happy. The vacation camps always take place on a weekly basis, usually during school vacation times.

„aktion tier“ sets up its activities in the most diverse areas of animal and nature conservation. In this case, it is a combination of immediate aid for animals in need, combined with continuous educational work.


aktion tier wants to prevent animal suffering before it occurs. That is why they work to improve understanding and knowledge about animals and nature.


Almost every day, cases of poor animal husbandry, animal hoarding or animal cruelty are reported to them. They investigate these by researching, collecting evidence and carrying out animal welfare inspections on site. It is not uncommon for them to be able to take the abused animals, have them treated by a veterinarian, and place them in one of their animal welfare facilities.

In most cases they file a complaint and try to improve the situation of the affected animals by all legal means.

The goal of the global society is to teach children within the children animal protection vacations, playfully already at the young age a kind-fair and good handling with animals. In addition, they deal with topics such as sustainability, species protection, veterinary medicine/care and environmental protection in groups.


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