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New silk protein makes food packaging sustainable

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New silk protein makes food packaging sustainable

Boston based technology firm Mori focuses on developments in the food, agriculture, and packaging sectors. Using only salt, water, and heat, Mori's patented technology extracts protein from silk and applies it to food, forming a natural barrier that delays spoilage and keeps food fresher for longer. Products can be integrated at any point along the supply chain, from the farm to the shelf, enabling food producers, processors, and retailers to provide consumers with more food of higher quality while minimizing food and packaging waste.

In order to cut waste and develop more sustainable supply chains, Mori, uses natural silk protein. It safeguards food and delays deterioration which is extracted using Mori's patented technology, which only requires salt, water, and heat. With little to no extra capital investment, clients throughout the supply chain can give people fresher, higher-quality food since it is seamlessly integrated into existing production processes.

Mori’s technology is a critical lever in reducing the carbon footprint of our food system. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lessening of the burden on natural resources are the results of decreased food and packaging waste. We are sure that Mori's products will benefit its clients greatly while also having a favorable effect on the environment.

The broad application of Mori's technique throughout the fresh and shelf-stable food sectors makes it exceptional. Mori will shortly offer its first commercial goods in a number of areas after thorough testing and trialing with early customers over the previous few years.

Mori will use the cash to boost development in various product categories and expand to new locations in addition to establishing its initial business partnerships. In addition, Mori recently relocated to new offices in Boston and constructed a new facility for the production of silk proteins.


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