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Creating belonging in a digital world: PeaceGeeks' vision for a more inclusive society

Creating belonging in a digital world: PeaceGeeks' vision for a more inclusive society
Creating belonging in a digital world: PeaceGeeks' vision for a more inclusive society

Established in 2011, PeaceGeeks has evolved from a grassroots volunteer collective into a dynamic non-profit organization known for harnessing technology to promote peace and progress.

In the face of today's challenges, PeaceGeeks recognizes the pressing need to strengthen communities and utilize technology to foster connection, justice, and peace, even in an era of social isolation.

PeaceGeeks understands that effective digital innovation must prioritize community-led practices and respect the experiences of displaced communities. It is a firm rejection of any innovation that perpetuates racism or oppression.

At its core, PeaceGeeks envisions a world where everyone can find a sense of belonging. By combining technological expertise with insights from partners and forcibly displaced individuals, PeaceGeeks collaboratively develops digital tools that support every step of their journeys, contributing to global society goals in general.

This initiative focuses on addressing specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that promote peace, justice, and inclusion. Through the application of technology and peace-building principles, PeaceGeeks tackles the complex challenges of violence, displacement, division, and oppression, with the ultimate goal of building more peaceful societies.

Research shows that connected and inclusive communities are better equipped to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. Additionally, strong relationships between communities and institutions are fundamental to peaceful coexistence. As a technology-driven non-profit, PeaceGeeks creates digital solutions that facilitate connectivity, peace, and safety for forcibly displaced individuals.

Their impact is evident: Providing displaced individuals with accurate, up-to-date information in their own language makes their journeys safer and more manageable. Accessible information about available services at their destinations fosters a sense of belonging among newcomers, contributing to social cohesion and peaceful societies.

PeaceGeeks' approach emphasizes collaboration, co-design, and co-learning. They work alongside immigrants, refugees, and service providers to develop digital tools that promote connection, safety, peace, and a sense of belonging. Collaborating with frontline service providers amplifies their shared impact and goals. Furthermore, PeaceGeeks shares their insights with policymakers, sector leaders, newcomers, and the public, facilitating systems change and progress.

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