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Promoting academic achievement with music lessons

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Promoting academic achievement with music lessons

The "Be Sharp" organization in Indonesia aims to give children from low-income households the opportunity to learn classical music. The idea behind it: The music lessons are intended to promote academic achievement.

Be Sharp“provides cello, violin and guitar instruments for students practicing at the Be Sharp training center.

There are possibilities to attend to a 60-minute „Master Class“ group led by a teacher and accompanied by an assistant. Usually, the lessons take place in a group. Once a week, each student will play music in front of the colleagues. Students will also be included in concerts, festivals and other events that are organized by the organization. Teachers, parents and students have equal roles in creating a maximized learning environment. Additionally, parents will receive regular student progress reports.

For the participation in the program it is required that the student is enrolled in a selected school, between7-11 years old, has an economically disadvantaged background and is interest in learning music.„Be Sharp“ will collaborate with selected schools that act as a liaison between „Be Sharp“ and the students.The selected school will record its students who have an interest in learning music.

Furthermore the organization will interview the students and parents or guardians, to see the students' interests and the economic background of the parents or guardians.

The selection is based on the number of best assessments, if the number of prospective students exceeds the quota provided, prospective students can try to participate again in the next period.

Instruments promote motor and cognitive development. Learning to play an instrument is a feat of our brain. Quick and precise movements must be made in a specific pattern when learning to play an instrument. This promotes the child's fine motor skills in the long term. The global society is offering financially or socially disadvantaged children the opportunity to creatively live out their musical talents, cognitive skills are fostered and the social gap between rich and poor is narrowed. Thus, poor children have from time to time more opportunities in contrast to other children with wealthier parents. By promoting such programs, approaches are created to close the social gap between rich and poor. in addition, step by step, both consciously and unconsciously, with the help of civil society, work is being done to achieve several approaches to the Sustainable Development Goals at once.

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