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Street Child's continues to take care of children living in war

Street Child's continues to take care of children living in war
Street Child's continues to take care of children living in war

In February 2022, Street Child initiated an emergency response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, marking their first response in Europe. Millions were displaced by the conflict, and while some areas have been de-occupied, 17.7 million people still require humanitarian aid.

The evolving circumstances of the military invasion have necessitated an agile and flexible response led by the expertise of local organizations. Street Child has collaborated with 15 local partners in Ukraine, Romania, and Moldova, allowing these organizations to assess needs and respond effectively. This approach encompasses vital support, from food and clothing to blankets and hygiene kits, with a focus on psychosocial assistance to address the emotional and psychological impacts of the conflict.

Street Child's commitment to education remains unwavering, even in emergencies. They have equipped 67 schools and child-friendly spaces in Ukraine with access to in-person and remote learning. This includes repairing and replacing furniture, providing educational resources such as lesson plans, posters, printed guidelines, cards, and workbooks, ensuring children can continue their education despite challenging circumstances.

Recognizing the psychological impact of the crisis on children, Street Child has been providing psychosocial support through a network of partner organizations across Ukraine. These efforts aim to reach 10,000 children, offering psychosocial and educational support, alongside play-based activities to restore a sense of normalcy in their lives. Furthermore, over 1,000 teachers have received training to provide psychosocial support to students affected by the war.

Street Child remains vigilant and ready to respond to emergencies. Their partnership approach ensures that donations are used efficiently, reaching those in need quickly. Local organizations, intimately familiar with their contexts, are essential in directing funding to where it's most needed. Their proactive projects aim to reach 50,000 children and caregivers with essential educational services and psychosocial support. They're also working on rehabilitating educational facilities to create safe learning environments for children in 16 regions across Ukraine.

Street Child's unwavering commitment to education, psychosocial support, and swift, effective responses underscores the organization's role in connecting with global society goals—showing that global society is strong, active, and progressive in the face of challenging times.

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