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Sustainable buildings foster sustainable communities

The „2022 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate“ is the architect, educator, and social activist Diébédo Francis Kéré. His avant-garde approach to architecture creates projects that are sustainable for the planet and its people, and it provides cutting-edge solutions in regions of acute shortage.

He works in underdeveloped nations that are full of obstacles and challenges, where there is a lack of infrastructure and architecture, thanks to his dedication to social justice and involvement, as well as his clever use of local materials to connect with and adapt to the natural environment.

The expression of his works beyond the worth of a building itself. He frequently built modern educationalfacilities, healthcare facilities, professional housing, civic buildings, and public spaces in regions where resources are scarce and community is important.

We are connected.

"I want to shift perceptions, inspire others to dream, and encourage them to take risks. Because you are wealthy does not mean that you should waste things. Kéré remarks in the Pritzker Architecture Prize announcement, "You should not try to generate quality because you are impoverished. "Quality, luxury, and comfort are things that everyone deserves. We are all connected, thus issues like the environment, democracy, and scarcity affect us all.

Supporting global sustainability

Francis Kéré has discovered creative, inspirational, and game-changing approaches to address how architecture can contribute to overall sustainability, according to the Pritzker Architecture Prize jury, which was led by Alejandro Aravena, who has served on the Board of the Holcim Foundation since 2013. His cultural sensitivity not only promotes social justice and environmental protection, but also directs his entire process in the knowledge that it is the way to a building's acceptance in a community. The Pritzker Architecture Prize jury citation states, "He knows, from within, that architecture is not about the thing but the purpose; not the product but the process.

An outstanding Holcim Award recipient

Francis Kéré has a long history with the Holcim Foundation. He first became involved as the 2012 Global Holcim Awards Gold winner for his secondary school in Burkina Faso that used passive ventilation. In terms of its effective approach to the adaptive use of building materials, community development, climatic mitigation, and aesthetics, the school is exemplary.

Francis Kéré has established himself as one of the most eminent contemporary architects in the world. He is renowned for his ground-breaking communal approach to design and dedication to using sustainable building methods and materials.

He gave the opening address at the sixth Holcim Forum in 2019. Francis Kéré gave his thoughts on the subject of "Embed know-how," using instances from his work constructing a school in his native Burkinabe hamlet of Gando. He promoted education, taking lessons from history, and opening up access to knowledge as essential elements of assuring success. In order to embrace innovation and locally sourced resources, he remarked, "We need to demolish preconceived beliefs."

Sustainable building methods and materials

Francis Kéré has established himself as one of the most eminent contemporary architects in the world. He is renowned for his ground-breaking communal approach to design and dedication to using sustainable building methods and materials. Francis Kéré has been recognized for embodying how sustainable architecture today can reflect and serve needs, including the aesthetic needs, of peoples throughout the world. This speaks to the significance of sustainable approaches to the built environment as well as the innovative and sensitive approaches of Francis Kéré.

One reason why Diébédo Francis Kéré is such a remarkable and important part and role model for global society is that he is not only a talented architect. Besides his profession, for which he won an award, he is also an educator and social activist. His overall goals in life or through his talent do not consist of money and fame. In his position, based on his life and with the prize and increased level of recognition he has been awarded, he is trying to improve building in disadvantaged regions of the world. He believes that we are all connected. The weaker have to be supported by the stronger. He uses his knowledge, talent and current notoriety to improve infrastructure in third world countries and build more public facilities (education, health).

Diébédo Francis Kéré conveys the values that everyone deserves and has the chance to really make a big difference. Wealth should be for everyone and we all live in one big house, so we are also all connected.

"2022 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate" presents the importance of awarding just such prizes. Not only to honor the precious and innovative work of selected individuals, but also, and most importantly, to thus provide them with a platform and the reach they need to spread their visions and good ideas, and to give other people space for inspiration. Source:


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