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Sustainable packaging to get e-commerce a sustainable industry

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Sustainable packaging to get e-commerce a sustainable industry

An important consideration when selling products is the type of packaging to use.

However, packaging has its justification. It is important because many products need proper protection and labeling so that the consumer is well informed.

Lauren Chrucher, Marketing Director, writes: "We believe the future should be green and we put this at the heart of everything we do. We want to bring about real change that will ensure a more sustainable planet for future generations. We want future generations to be able to live this planet as it should be: without the effects of climate change and deforestation."

Priory Direct is an eco-friendly packaging provider that offers sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging, labels and stock items for e-commerce.

To reduce the impact of e-commerce on the environment. With the set goal of making it a fully sustainable industry.

As the UK's leading supplier of eco-friendly packaging, the company is able to drive positive change in the industry through awareness, access and authenticity.

They educate the consumer about the importance of protecting our planet and taking responsibility for a more sustainable future. They use their product range to give the public access to eco-friendly packaging alternatives and sustainable products, such as their Priory Elements eco-friendly packaging brand.

Sometimes success is measured in numbers, but not the numbers we are used to in the traditional business world. How does Priory Direct measure its own success with numbers?

"As part of our mission to make e-commerce a fully sustainable industry, we have been exploring partnerships with charities and organizations that can help us protect the planet and do some good. In the last 14 months, we have partnered with two incredible organizations that enable us to protect the planet, its natural ecosystems and those who depend on it.

We have partnered with Rainforest Trust UK and are proud to be a conservation partner helping to protect threatened rainforests around the world. Thanks to our partnership with Rainforest Trust UK, we are offering all customers who place an order over £30 (about 35 euros) the opportunity to protect 1,000 m2 of endangered rainforest at no extra cost."

We are proud to have protected over 3,200,000 m2 of endangered rainforest through this initiative, sequestering no less than 2,732,373 tons of carbon that would otherwise have been released into the atmosphere.

"Our partnership with 1% for the Planet is two-fold. Firstly, we allow all clientele to donate their reward points to charity at the time of purchase of their packaging items. This donates 1% of the spend to environmental organizations working to solve important environmental, climate, water and animal welfare issues. Through our online payment system, our customers have donated over £9,000 to 1% for the Planet.

Our collaboration with Rainforest Trust UK and 1% for the Planet has introduced us to the charitable sector. Thanks to these partnerships, we have created a charitable donations section in our online checkout where all customers can donate to three other charities, such as Cancer Research UK.

The whole experience has opened our eyes to the fact that companies should do more to support the charitable sector, especially after the devastating impact of the pandemic.

Secondly, to maximize fundraising, we produce and sell all our Priory Elements packaging products in partnership with 1% for the Planet. This means that every time a Priory Elements product is purchased, 1% of the value of the sale is donated directly to the charity. So far we have raised £22,246 (approx. €26,308) which actively helps with environmental crises around the world."

Priory Direct aims to achieve B Corp certification and certification for environmental management systems(ISO14001 certification) by 2022, with the goal of reducing carbon emissions to become carbon neutral by 2030.

In addition, Priory Direct plans to protect a further 6 million square meters of rainforest through its partnership with Rainforest Trust UK and give at least £35k (approximately €41,391) to our other charity partners through our Charity Rewards program and 1% For The Planet partnerships.

Running a sustainable business is a challenge. It's not just about finding an efficient and ethical way to run your business, but also about making your products affordable.

Systemic change will only be possible if ethically produced products are made accessible to the mass market and do not remain the most expensive sustainable solution.

It is possible and worth the time and effort.


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