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The Ocean Foundation: What do you want to do for the ocean?

The Ocean Foundation: What do you want to do for the ocean?
The Ocean Foundation: What do you want to do for the ocean?

Covering 71% of the planet, the ocean's influence transcends geographic boundaries and affects global systems that make the Earth habitable. However, historically, only a small fraction of philanthropic resources has been allocated to ocean-related causes. The Ocean Foundation aims to address this disparity by advocating for greater support for marine science and conservation.

This community foundation is a type of public charity that often focuses on a specific local geographic area, largely by facilitating and pooling donations to help regional charities and address community problems.

The foundation operates initiatives that fill gaps in conservation work and foster relationships in areas such as ocean science equity, ocean literacy, blue carbon, and plastic pollution. Through leadership in networks, coalitions, and funder collaboratives, The Ocean Foundation brings together partners to advocate for positive change and amplify their collective impact.

The Ocean Foundation operates as a unique community foundation dedicated to reversing the degradation of ocean environments globally. Through strategic initiatives, financial transparency, and a commitment to holistic change, the organization strives to ensure a sustainable future for both marine ecosystems and the human communities that depend on them.

Through its initiatives and projects, The Ocean Foundation engages in a dialogue on critical ocean-related topics such as ocean acidification, ocean literacy, blue carbon, and plastic pollution. By addressing these issues, the foundation not only raises awareness but also contributes valuable insights to the global discourse on ocean conservation.

By maintaining a free and open-source Knowledge Hub on emerging ocean topics, The Ocean Foundation provides a valuable resource for researchers, policymakers, and concerned individuals worldwide. This repository of information furthers the foundation's mission to promote understanding and action in favor of ocean conservation on a global scale.

The Ocean Foundation's contributions extend well beyond its immediate community. Through collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and initiatives, the foundation actively participates in the global movement to protect and preserve the world's oceans for current and future generations.

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