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Transforming the global society: The social change leaders of tomorrow

Global Goals & Global Society
Transforming the global society: The social change leaders of tomorrow

The Melton Foundation's Global Solvers Accelerator program is an initiative designed to connect, empower, and transform emerging social change agents worldwide towards creating a sustainable global society. The program focuses on enhancing social impact initiatives, developing collective leadership competencies, and inspiring transformative change that transcends barriers of place and identity.

Over an eight-month period, the Global Solvers Accelerator program offers emerging agents of social change an in-person retreat to refine their social impact initiatives, build collective leadership competencies, and drive transformative change that advances the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The program utilizes a peer-driven and collaboration-based leadership approach to provide practical learning and implementation opportunities. Participants from diverse regions engage in blended learning, project assignments, peer exchange, and subject matter advisory to build key capacity and amplify the transformative potential of their social impact projects.

The program offers eight monthly modules with interconnected themes, substantial peer exchange, applicable methods and tools, and tailored support and collaboration. Through this transformative learning journey, participants emerge as socially responsible, collaborative community leaders who are fully equipped to shape their environment in a sustainable way. The program is open to young community development practitioners aged between 20 and 35 years who are curious, responsible, forward-thinking, have a proven track record of social impact, and are actively engaged in or leading a local impact project currently.

Joining the Global Solvers Accelerator program provides participants with valuable insights and competencies from mentors and peers alike. The program offers a unique opportunity for young leaders to elevate their impact and transform into socially responsible and collaborative leaders who shape a sustainable future.

By empowering and connecting emerging social change agents from diverse backgrounds, programs like the Global Solvers Accelerator foster a sense of global community and collaboration, ultimately leading to a more equitable, just, and sustainable global society for all.

Applications for the program are currently open and can be submitted on the website until March 1st, 2023.


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