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Trash is not existing

Transforming Trash into Opportunity

From furniture and art installations to pocket mirrors and soap dishes, eCollabo8's innovative team transforms recycled plastic into a wide array of useful and artistic creations. They firmly believe that education and community empowerment are powerful catalysts for real change.

eCollabo8 was founded with the aim to recycle and upcycle plastic trash, thus reducing plastic waste. The initiative collects and purchases waste from all across Bali, transforming it into something more valuable. By empowering the community and educating the next generation, they strive to bring about meaningful change.

eCollabo8's mission to educate people about the worth of their trash perfectly aligns with the global goals for a sustainable future. They call for communities to unite and work collaboratively, essential to achieving our common goal of improving the world. Embracing a zero waste lifestyle is crucial to undoing the harm done to our planet, requiring unity and shared commitment.

Promoting sustainable living through valuable and creative designs, eCollabo8 aims to reshape people's perceptions of garbage. By responsibly combining art and technology, they uncover the untapped potential of recycling. Their efforts to make people aware of the true value of their rubbish are commendable, fostering environmental consciousness.

By transforming waste into valuable products and inspiring creativity, they are changing how people perceive garbage and encouraging sustainable living practices, making people aware of the value of their rubbish is the goal.

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Youtube credits: @eCollabo8


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