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Waste into education

Waste into education
Waste into education

In Indonesia, 11-year-old Joseph Wijaya is quietly revolutionizing education and the environment, addressing Bali's plastic pollution crisis amid its renowned natural beauty. In 2022, Joseph took a stand by launching Joseph Recycling, an initiative conducting weekly plastic waste pick-up services across Bali. With nearly 100 clients, the organization strategically places recycling bins, efficiently collects, sorts, and sells waste to Java. The generated funds play a pivotal role in sending underprivileged children to school, offering a thoughtful solution to environmental and educational challenges.

Joseph's vision transcends mere waste collection; it aspires to generate opportunities for underprivileged children.

This concept took root during carefree beach moments with friends, where Joseph observed them gathering recyclables for sale, including valuable items like cables. The firsthand experience of the financial struggles these children endured fueled Joseph's determination to make a positive impact.

The collected waste from various sources is sorted and sold to financially support sending these children to school. This initiative not only addresses plastic pollution but also significantly contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty for these young minds. Climate change expert Dada Bacudo recognizes the potential impact of Joseph Recycling, emphasizing the importance of a child-led project. Eco-entrepreneur Mora Prima Siregar commends Joseph's commitment to environmental and social causes, deeming him a worthy role model for the younger generation.

Actively involved with the community, Joseph participates in eco festivals and collaborates with like-minded initiatives. His mission reaches beyond plastic collection; aspiring to ignite transformative change, Joseph dreams of expanding the recycling business to fund education for a wider group of children in Bali. As he embarks on this continuous journey, he encourages fellow young environmentalists, highlighting the importance of starting small, learning through the process, and, above all, deriving joy from their efforts.




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