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Women build up after the war

Women build up after the war
Women build up after the war

For over three decades, Women for Women International has been dedicated to supporting women who are often overlooked—survivors of war and conflict. Their mission is clear: to empower women, enabling them to seize control of their destinies and reach their full potential. In a world where women's voices are sometimes silenced, Women for Women International is providing marginalized women with the skills and support they need to break free from the shackles of inequality and injustice.

Global society is strong, active, and progressive, and Women for Women International embodies these qualities by dedicating their efforts to SDG 5 - Gender Equality, a core pillar of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Throughout the years, Women for Women International has made a significant impact, even in the face of escalating conflict and crisis. The year 2022 witnessed a rise in conflict, a stripping of women's rights, and women grappling with violence and economic hardships. Yet, in the face of these challenges, the organization's unwavering support has reached an astounding 553,437 women survivors of war since 1993.

Women for Women International operates under the belief that every woman possesses the power to transform her world. Their Stronger Women, Stronger Nations Program creates a platform where women survivors of war and conflict can connect, learn essential skills, and collectively bring about transformative change. These women gain economic, social, and leadership abilities, enabling them to rebuild their lives and uplift their communities.

Women for Women International goes beyond charity to innovation by hiring and training staff from local communities. These staff members understand the unique challenges, cultures, and needs of the women they serve. They work to ensure that the most marginalized women are included in the program, thus addressing inequality at its roots.

Women form close-knit social circles of support within the program. They learn practical job skills, become entrepreneurs, and acquire knowledge about their rights. Through these measures, they become healthier, more confident, and outspoken. They have the power to question the norms that hold women back and, in doing so, transform society.

In 2017, Women for Women International initiated the Change Agents program, focusing on grassroots advocacy. Graduates from the Stronger Women, Stronger Nations program were trained to become advocates for women's rights, violence prevention, and economic opportunities. These Change Agents take on leadership roles within their communities, organizing collective action to bring about the changes they want to see.

Since 1993, Women for Women International has reached over 553,000 marginalized women affected by war and conflict. Together with their dedicated supporters, they invest in women across 17 conflict-affected countries worldwide, helping these resilient women rebuild their lives from the ground up.

In empowering these women, they are not only changing individual lives but reshaping entire societies for the better.

Youtube credits: @WomenforWomenIntl


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