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Women leaders’ day to reduce inequality

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Women leaders’ day to reduce inequality

The second edition of the Female Founders Day conference has arrived after the success of the previous year. The Female Startup Leaders association presented this second edition of its national congress that took place at the Ateneo de Madrid, on November 29th 2022

The spectacular auditorium of the Ateneo de Madrid hosted again on November 29th 2022

, the Female Founders Day, which brought together investors, founders of technology startups, media, scientists and STEM disseminators.

The aim is to give visibility to healthy, diverse and achievable references thanks to women fighters, curious and inspiring at the head of consolidated projects.

Inspiring the new generation of female leaders

"As a female CEO and founder, diversity, equity and inclusion are of strategic importance to us at Neuroelectrics. I am extremely happy to be the opening speaker at the second edition of Female Founders Day Madrid with whom we share a mutual interest in empowering women. We need more talent and diversity in the tech sector to inspire the new generation of female leaders by generating referrals," said Ana Maiques, CEO and founder of Neuroelectrics.

"We need to continue to make female talent visible. Female Founders Day is the meeting point of the year because together we connect, make visible and promote other women," said Elisenda Bou, founder of the artificial intelligence company Vilynx, Head of Apple Media Knowledge at Apple and winner of the Princess of Girona Enterprise 2022 Foundation Award. A transformative and much needed event

In this second edition 'Female Startup Leaders' returns to bet on a hybrid format, attendance in person with a capacity of more than 300 people and streaming. In addition, its main partners, Google for Startups and the Madrid City Council, also repeat and consolidate their support for entrepreneurship and female leadership.

Ángel Niño, Madrid City Councilor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, pointed out that this is "a transformative and very necessary event", referring to the importance of Female Founders Day, which in its first edition, "brought together great leaders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem with very clear objectives: to publicize the network of female talent that is being developed in Madrid and the rest of the world, to serve as a stimulus for all women with ideas and concerns and to build alliances that facilitate the implementation of their projects".

Consolidating an accessible, inclusive and diverse ecosystem

The director of Google for Startups EMEA, Sofía Benjumea, highlights the great role of the female referents we have in Spain in various disciplines. "We must continue to support these women to grow and give them visibility to inspire the next generations. The data continues to show that despite the efforts, the percentage of women in the ecosystem is still low, around 15%, but we must not cease in the effort. At Google for Startups, diversity is a key value. That is why we have created specific programs such as the Women Founders Academy, why we set a goal in all programs to reach a 50% of women and why we give visibility to our female entrepreneurs. With this, 45% of the startups that have gone through our programs have a woman among the founders."

"We work every day to consolidate an accessible, inclusive and diverse ecosystem in our country and for this reason, for all of us, it is very important to support and actively participate in events like this Female Founders Day," insists Benjumea.

Female Startup Leaders 2022 Award

Young and senior female entrepreneurs have the opportunity to present their projects and win the prize of 3,000 euros provided by the Female Startup Leaders community.

In addition, for this second edition, a very special trophy has been prepared. It is the logo of the association on a pedestal with twenty names of women who have generated a great impact on technology, science and entrepreneurship.

Each year, and in an honorary way, FSL will incorporate the name of one of its members. In this edition, the community has decided to name Luz Rello, CEO and founder of the social enterprise Change Dyslexia.

If each female entrepreneur empowers two women to join the start-up ecosystem and supports them to become tech entrepreneurs, the increase in women in tech and entrepreneurship would not be incremental but exponential in base-2, which is what the world needs.

By investing in supporting female founders, we benefit the whole world. Female founders tend to reinvest in their communities, they have more engaged teams and tend to operate holistically. The future collective power of women entrepreneurs could be transformational in creating a better, balanced and more sustainable global society.


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