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Clean water production without electricity for impoverished communities

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Clean water production without electricity for impoverished communities

BANGALORE, India — The Planet Water India Foundation is now able to provide sustainable access to clean water and sanitary facilities in India thanks to Automation Anywhere, a world authority on robotic process automation (RPA).

A nonprofit organization called Planet Water Foundation works to provide hygienic water, sanitation, and housing to underprivileged areas of India.

As part of its Social Impact Program, Automation Anywhere is providing funding to the organization to build AquaTower water filtration systems, an integrated system that provides rural schools and the community around them with access to clean drinking water and handwashing facilities.

The water system can run without electricity and employs activated carbon and ultrafiltration technology to improve water quality. It can supply up to 1,800 people with 1,000 liters of safe drinking water each hour. The AquaSan surface disinfection technology is also made available through this initiative to sanitize restrooms and other surfaces in education institutions.

Today, Automation Anywhere employees installed their first tower at the Government Higher Primary School in Doddahulluru, Hoskote.

According to Neeti Shukla, Social Impact Officer for Automation Anywhere, "Nearly 100 million people in India do not have access to safe drinking water and as a result are at risk related to waterborne infections and other health issues." "Through our partnership with the Planet Water Foundation, we are creating a sustainable infrastructure to enhance the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of people as well as the health and sanitation of the local communities where we operate. We are thrilled to work with the Planet Water Foundation and look forward to assisting in the deployment of new technologies for the benefit of people all across the world."

As part of the partnership, volunteers from Automation Anywhere and the Planet Water Foundation are teaching students, teachers, and other community members about hygiene best practices like as handwashing through games, songs, and storytelling in the local language to achieve global goals.

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